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Your Profile as a Marketing Tool

Written by William Ponsot, a NY Notary and Signing Agent

Marketing is part of being an Independent Contractor. There are, however, many facets of marketing, some of which we neglect; while others we pay meticulous attention to. We don’t mean to; but some things we do are then put aside when done, in order to take care of more immediate concerns.

A clear example of this is your online profile. If you are like many other ICs, you have several profiles floating around the nte. That’s great, broader exposure, more calls or inquiries for your service, more hits to your website…right? Maybe…then again, maybe not.

It all depends on how well that profile is written in the first place and most importantly, how current it is.

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Respect Your Business

Give your audience something to remember you by and why they want to use or continue to use your services. As Notary Signing Agents (NSA), many seem to have a low esteem of our business and run it as just that, a small business at best. What if we began thinking of our industry as a large corporation and ran it in the same manner. Many would become more serious about Branding, advertising, Marketing, and a huge amount of other things that many Notaries as individuals don’t seem to bother with.

We are going to concentrate our efforts on “Creating a Symbolic Representation” of the key concept of our NSA business. You want to begin with communicating your services by using two images or statements that are completely different, but when placed together create a totally different idea.

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