Keeping Records

How many of you have trouble keeping things organized and properly recording your business in-flows and out-flows to monitor how your business is performing? There are several record keeping software available.

The most commonly used record keeping software on the market is put out by Intuit. They offer Quicken Home and Business and Quickbooks. Quicken Home and Business should be sufficient to run a signing agent business and is more affordable. The advanced version is Quickbooks. This is the software I use and much that I can teach you will work for either program.

I have added several articles under Signing Agent. I hope you will check them out and comment if you have any questions or suggestions for other items you would like to see covered.

I started using Quicken when i ran a farm business including livestock and grain. Through my use of Quicken, I was able to pull reports to give to my bank as well as keep my checkbook and all items for tax reporting.

I graduated into the use of Quickbooks when I went to work for a pool and spa company.

I started my own construction company which started as a ‘mom and pop’ home remodel and quickly expanded into new homes and commercial building. We topped out at around 30 employees. This became massive to the point that I was contemplating upgrading to a higher end accounting software. So, as you can see, I learned to utilize the full potential of Quickbooks.

The reason I tell you these things is to show the vast array of businesses Intuit products can be used for.

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