Being a Notary is ‘No Big Deal’

Notary no big deal

A friend of mine was at the bank taking care of some business. That business entailed having a document notarized. They said, “Oh, you are a Notary?” to which the response was, “Oh, it’s no big deal.” My friend said, “I beg to differ with you! It is a Big Deal!” The Notary concluded the notarization without response.

Is being a Notary Public ‘No Big Deal’? If you think that, maybe you should not be a Notary. It would seem obvious if you think it is ‘No Big Deal’ then you are not taking your commission seriously.

So many people including many in the professional world are of the mentality that being a Notary Public is ‘No Big Deal’. If they are not well-informed of the importance and seriousness of the duties, responsibilities and liabilities involved, I guess that is ok, but for the Notary, themselves to be of that mentality is a scary thought.

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