Power of Attorney – Don’t wait until it is too late

There are several different types of power of attorney documents. Some are for medical power of attorney and others are for general personal affairs. Many families are waiting until something happens before putting a power of attorney into place with their children or a trusted individual. Setting up a power of attorney before you become hospitalized or deemed incompetent does not mean you art turning your affairs over to someone now. They can be set to take effect upon your no longer being capable of handling your affairs and not until.

So many people come to me for notarization of a power of attorney to take over their parents’ affairs once they have been deemed no longer able to care for themselves and no longer competent to handle their affairs. Once they have become incompetent, it is too late to put a power of attorney document into place with a signature from the parent and a notarization of their signature.

Please be aware of this and prepare for that day before it comes, to save the money and headache of having to petition the courts after it has happened to you.

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