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Give your audience something to remember you by and why they want to use or continue to use your services. As Notary Signing Agents (NSA), many seem to have a low esteem of our business and run it as just that, a small business at best. What if we began thinking of our industry as a large corporation and ran it in the same manner. Many would become more serious about Branding, advertising, Marketing, and a huge amount of other things that many Notaries as individuals don’t seem to bother with.

We are going to concentrate our efforts on “Creating a Symbolic Representation” of the key concept of our NSA business. You want to begin with communicating your services by using two images or statements that are completely different, but when placed together create a totally different idea.

You can use a combination of words or visuals or both. You can create a memorable metaphor to represent a prime characteristic or a key feature of the type of service you provide. We all know that you are an NSA or a Notary wannabe but what is going to put you above the rest? Why are your potential clients going to pick you as an NSA opposed to your competition?

When deciding on your creation of a metaphor, be creative and use a vivid statement or a dramatic visual to suggest your company’s Notary Services.

When using a metaphor, remember the difference between a simile and a metaphor. A simile is ‘like’ or ‘similar to’ whereas a metaphor ‘IS’. The good thing about a simile is that it will help you get started in creating a metaphor. Here is how:

  • Start with the most basic idea, the key concept for your notary business. That might be ‘safe’ or ‘agile’ or ‘bright’ or ‘well engineered’. Then sketch or write ways to express that idea.
  • Complete the sentence, “Our Notary Services are like ___________________.”
  • Fill in the blank: “The benefits of our Notary Service is like _______________________.”

A metaphor can be used to characterize the brand’s personality. A branding campaign for an investment bank uses the visual metaphor of a fencer, for example, to characterize the company as aggressive yet sophisticated.

A metaphor can represent a service feature or a benefit to clients, as in the ad for someone eating sandwiches and losing weight.

Another example, a ‘Caveman’ is a metaphor for ‘simplicity’ at .

Metaphors can communicate loudly, cutting through any barrier. Absurdity seems to work in making people remember who and what your service represents. But metaphors can also be so obscure they fail to work. Think hard and choose wisely as this is not something you will change from one week to the next. This is something that will represent your NSA business for some time to come.

A metaphor can symbolize a problem, what might happen if this company does not use your services. Make sure your metaphor is fresh. If you’ve seen it or hear it before, don’t use it again.

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